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Full Menu for 15 euros (price per person). The menu includes an appetizer or a salad, a choice of lunch, dessert and drink. Offer valid for all days except Mondays, Saturdays, holidays, holidays, and events.

15€ MENU


Option 1: Fried Parmesan with nuts

Option 2: Bruschettes with feta – olive oil, marinated sweet peppers and cherry tomatoes.


Option 1: Rocket with watermelon, cantaloupe, slice and dressing balsamico and oilseed

Option 2: Salad with noodles, Chinese cabbage, carrot, radicchio and Asian dressing


Option 1: Burrito with late pork, cheddar, avocado sauce and tomato sauce

Option 2: Chicken fillet with spicy marinade, pie and cool quinoa salad


Option 1: Coconut panna cotta with lemongrass sauce and pineapple

Option 2: Brownies with vanilla ice cream


A glass of white or red wine or a beer

Menu 15 includes an appetizer or salad, a main course, a sweet and a glass of wine or beer. Menu 18 includes an appetizer and salad plus all the rest. Menu offerings are valid for all days except Mondays, Saturdays, holidays, public holidays and events.

Azzurro Salad
Dessert by Azzurro